The Case of the Missing Easter candy

“Everyone, look all the Easter candy is missing,” said Katherine. “It looks like another case for Detective Katherine. “EVERYONE IN BASEMENT!!!! It is time to ask some questions. Where were you when the crime happened? “ said detective Katherine.

“I was playing Fortnite down here and I heard you yell, ‘Everyone in the basement!’” said Logan.”

“Alaisdair where were you when the crime happened,” Detective Katherine asked.

“I was playing and when you said in the basement I was in the basement. I was in the bathroom. Said Alaisdair.

“Hmmmmm awfully close to the candy,” said Detective Katherine.

“Everyone out of the room you might distract me,” said detective Katherine. “Let’s first start looking by the tv because they could be watching tv while eating candy. Let’s check the couch for candy wrappers.  There are no candy wrappers but even better … chocolate fingerprints. Let’s check if there are any paths there!” said detective Katherine.

“There is a path but it stops by the x box. I am going to look by the controllers and gaming couch. Not on the couch and not by the controllers.”

           “Maybe there is a secret path behind the couch,” she thought.

“Not behind the couch” she said. “What about behind the guitar?”

“A candy wrapper trail to the bathroom”!!! She said.

“Ok the path leads here I am going to look around here,” she said. “First I am going to look in the shower. Not there. Now I am going to look in the closet. Not there. How about near the sink? There are pieces of candy and chocolate!” Katherine said.

“It leads to the storage room, let’s look around,” she said. “First let’s look around the food. Not there. Next let’s look around the sports stuff.  Not there. Now let’s look in the coats. Alasdair?? Did you steal the candy??” Detective Katherine asks.

“Yes, you know I love candy and I don’t want everyone eating it. I want to” Alaisdair said.

“Everyone I found the candy,” said detective Katherine.

“Who did it everyone asks”?

“Alaisdair,” said Detective Katherine. “Case is closed”.

3 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Easter candy”

  1. Hi Katherine,
    Your mystery is fun and believable. You included all of the elements of this genre. You used dialogue and inner thought to make your story clear. YOu did a great job of leaving clues throughout the mystery so your readers had a chance to solve it along with Detective Katherine.
    Thanks for you time and effort to create a great piece of writing.
    📝🕵🏼‍♀️🍬Mrs. Eaves

  2. nice job katherine its true every one loves candy i loved that you made you sister stealed the candy thats a great close of a mystery

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