My dog homer

I have a dog named Homer.  He is a German shepherd mixed with an Alaskan Malamute. He is 10, almost 11. In dog years he is 70, almost 77 years old. He is a great dog. He loves cheese 🧀. He can’t run any more which is sad 😢 but he is a great dog 🐕.


I love spring. It starts the warm days again. It means it is close to summer, at least that’s what I think. These are the things I like to do in spring.

play frisbee

play ⛳️ 🏌️‍♀️ golf

play basically anything outside.

did he go through that door

One day a man went missing no one knows where he went. They called the detective, but he couldn’t find anything. The people thought something must have gone wrong so they tried to solve it on their own. First they searched the place they were before he’d  gone missing. There was nothing.  Then they searched his house.  In the basement all they saw was a tiny door. It looked weird and they decided to go home, but then one of them noticed the door knob move.


3 things that are important about Aesop

he got set free. he knows Codes. He knows different languages.

Two things that are important about fables .

A short story and usually has animals 🦒 Are the characters.

and one thing I am still wondering about Aesop is why does he have to talk in story’s.


Hi everyone today I am going to tell you a bunch of facts about thunderstorms. The reason I chose thunderstorms is because they are interesting 🧐. In thunderstorms bunch of things can happen. There are so many things to learn about thunderstorms. I rote three things with different facts about thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms are very strong storms.

There is a cloud named  cumulus and when that cloud piles up on top of each other it turns into a thunderstorm cloud named cumulonimbus. A bunch of things can come out of that storm cloud.  These are things that can come out of that storm cloud—hail that is sometimes bigger than a golf ball, thunder which is a warning sign for lightening, and rain.  Very strong thunderstorms can turn into tornados.

Tornados are very dangerous and destructive.  If you get a warning, go in the basement or as low as you can. There are strong winds in tornadoes. When strong winds cold and hot combined it forms a tornado. it is hard to track tornadoes.

Lightning in thunderstorms is made of static electricity. Thunderstorms can last up to 30 minute. Lightning he at is hotter then the sun.  Lightning causes thunder when lightning goes through a cloud. It makes a small hole in the air called a Channel. When the light is gone the air smashes together.

I hope you liked my facts and I hope that you learned new things about thunderstorms. I hope you spread interest in thunderstorms.