I am going to tell you about a inquiry project I did. it was about geodes!!! I am going to list some facts about geodes.

  1. Geodes are found in a lot of places, but are mostly found in deserts, volcanic ash beds or places containing limestone.
  2. It takes 240 million years to form a geode.
  3. Geodes are often found as a size as a basketball.
  4. Inside a volcano rock, geodes

Some songs that I like yay!!!

I like to listen to music so I thot I could tell you some songs I like to listen to. Lose you to love me. Don’t let me down. Bad blood. What about us. I like to watch a show that has a lot of songs I like it is called Victorious I am going to tell you some songs that are in the show make it shine, take a hint, give it up, I want you back, freak the freak out I recommend it. bye!!!